Accurately map and predict work

Maintain a single source of truth for your team’s ongoing work with plans in Jira Software, formerly known as Advanced Roadmaps. Learn how to use the auto-scheduler to make recommendations based on your team’s work, capacity, and timelines, and easily identify dependencies between issues to prevent bottlenecks.

After this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Use your team’s data in Jira Software to accurately determine resources, scope, and launch dates for future projects.
  • Create a plan in Jira Software, add issues, and highlight key information.
  • Automatically schedule work and predict the impact of data changes.
  • Indicate milestones and deadlines with releases and cross-project releases in your plan’s timeline.
  • Create different scenarios to explore the impact of changes to scope, capacity, or deadlines.

Visualizing work across teams with plans in Jira Software is part of a larger Configure Atlassian tools and practices for developer flow learning path.