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Atlassian Cloud Organization Admin Certification

Increase your confidence & stand out in your career as an Atlassian Certified Organization Admin

This certification covers the skills needed to configure and manage Atlassian Cloud sites and products to support your organization. You’ll receive a voucher to take your exam plus the Exam Success comprehensive study companion.

When you earn a certification in Organization Admin (ACP-OA), you show that you can:

  • Administer users and groups across multiple Cloud organizations, sites, and products

  • Manage product access for both non-managed and managed accounts

  • Configure user access settings, including approved domains and user invites

  • Configure release tracks, sandboxes, IP allowlisting, admin APIs, and application tunnels

  • Delegate admin privileges to other org admins and product admins

  • Manage subscriptions and billing

  • Understand the impact of changes to groups in Jira and Confluence

  • Leverage Atlassian Community and resources to implement best practices

Included: the Exam Success study companion to help you earn your certification

You'll also receive the Exam Success course – a self-paced, on-demand study companion leading up to your exam.

Students who complete an Exam Success increase their exam score by +6 points on average.

Exam Success resources that help you succeed

  • Guidelines for what is expected in each section of the exam

  • Comprehensive exam topics checklist with links to the relevant documentation

  • Tips and tricks for exam success – including how to approach the exam questions

  • Technical lectures reviewing every exam topic – by the Atlassian experts who wrote the exam

  • Practice questions with explanations of the correct and incorrect responses

  • Sandbox set-up instructions

  • Sandbox challenges to guide exploration of the exam topics in Jira

  • Trello template (new!) to help you create your own study plan

  • Products covered: Admin Hub

  • Timing: Your purchase comes with an exam voucher. You must complete the exam within 90 days of your purchase.

  • Location: Proctored online (also available at testing centers)

The exam covers these high-level topic areas:

  • Atlassian Organizations (35-45% of the exam)

  • Users and Groups (25-35% of the exam)

  • Admin Roles (10-15% of the exam)

  • Advanced Features (15-20% of the exam)

Certification exams are intended to be challenging. Increase your chances of success with careful preparation. Be sure to complete the included Exam Success for comprehensive details on each topic and in-depth preparation.

Learning Paths