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Get started using Confluence with Atlassian University
On-site training available:  Enroll your team

On-demand enrollment for this course is temporarily frozen. Not to worry – it’ll be back soon with a big price drop you’ll love.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to use Confluence to collaborate with co-workers
  • How to create, format, and manage content in Confluence
  • How to organize content and create reports in Confluence

Learn everything you need to get started with Confluence

This hands-on training course is built for any Confluence end-user, helping you learn the basics. Create, edit, and format pages. Share content and collaborate with team members. Organize pages so they are easy to find later. Use macros to make beautiful and functional content. Get started with Confluence basics today to advance your team’s collaboration, productivity, and knowledge management.

This course is designed for any Confluence user looking to build their skills. No prior Confluence experience is necessary.


  1. Course Overview (10m)

  2. Getting Started with Confluence (40m)

  3. Adding & Editing Content (20m)

  4. Working with Attachments (15m)

  5. Creating & Managing Pages (30m)

  6. More Team Collaboration Features (15m)

  7. Getting More from Pages (15m)

  8. Using Advanced Macros (15m)

  9. Integration with Jira (15m)

  10. Page History & Restrictions (5m)

Learning Paths

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