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Train as a team with hands-on, live instruction


Unlock the full potential of Atlassian tools and approaches for everyone you work with. Team training provides you with a live, authorized instructor and hands-on labs that get everyone learning by doing.

Why learn together?

  • Gain a shared understanding of their Atlassian tools and workflows
  • Experience the same learning materials at the same time
  • Get team-specific questions answered by a live instructor

How team training works at Atlassian University

Dedicated and experienced live instructors

Atlassian University partners with experienced instructors: individuals who demonstrate both product and instruction expertise. These authorized individuals and companies are located around the world, offering your team the chance to learn from a teacher in your region and in your local language.

Access to hands-on lab environments

The best way to retain what you've learned is through doing. We offer virtual, hands-on labs that give your team the chance to try what they've learned in a safe, sandboxed environment. These valuable labs reinforce a team's training. You can still use labs for continued learning beyond the classroom time with your instructor.

Virtual or on-site? Your choice

Whether you're an enterprise with your own on-campus space or a distributed team that connects over videoconferencing, our training can meet you where you are. Each team training session can host up to 15 attendees, allowing everyone to ask team-specific questions and gain a shared learning experience they can carry into their everyday work.

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Bring training to your entire team

Plan your training with flexible Training Credits

Training Credits are like a gift card for Atlassian University courses.

If you need flexibility within a rigid procurement system or want to plan your team's training on an annual basis, Training Credits are made for you.

No matter the size — from the team to department to an entire enterprise — everyone in your organization can share a common set of credits to pay for training over the course of a year.

You'll also get a 20% discount on bulk training credit purchases.

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Bring training to your entire team